Jeffrey Kale Flagg on Finding your Inner Superhero

Jeffrey Kale Flagg has experienced the thrill of success in his career. A successful businessman in Reno, Nevada; Jeffrey Kale Flagg is General Partner in the American Redevelopment Fund (a real estate re-development fund). Jeffrey Kale Flagg is also a partner in ReGenesis International (a business consultant and private label marketing firm) and Stable Development (a commercial real estate development firm with a unique Shared Equity business model) and the Chief Operating Officer of Array Asset Management (a service, operations and management firm overseeing utility scale solar arrays across the globe). Today, Jeffrey Kale Flagg answers questions about what makes someone a winner.

Q: Achievers seem to always be striving for more. Is this what makes someone successful?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: Almost by definition, an achiever is constantly rethinking everything and working toward personal improvement.

Q: Is persistence important in becoming an Achiever?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: They say timing is everything but an Achiever gets in because he or she refuses to stop trying. An Achiever keeps knocking even when it seems like no one will ever answer the door.

Q: What happens if an Achiever stops trying to improve?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: For an Achiever, stagnation isn’t an option. By definition, an Achiever must be constantly working hard to grow to avoid taking a step backward.

Q: But isn’t it disheartening to know that no matter what an Achiever does, it will never be enough?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: Not at all. We should all be constantly working to grow. We are designed to keep moving forward, working toward a better us.  There is no such thing as standing still in the universe—we are ALL either improving or regressing, moving forward or moving ahead.

Q: So the rush comes from those successes, but once those successes are reached, we’re onto the next rush?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: With each of our accomplishments in life, we feel a rush of adrenaline. The first time we learn to drive, the day we get that college diploma… Each professional accomplishment provides that same level of accomplishment that takes us to the next level.

Q: Why doesn’t everyone achieve the level of success they want?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: Negative self-talk keeps us from accomplishing everything we want. We have to unleash that inner superhero by positive self-talk.

Q: What do you mean by ‘superhero?’

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: The superhero is merely a euphemism for the person we want to become, whatever our individual definition of success looks like.

Q: How can we know when we’ve succeeded?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: Well, one major thing is to stop comparing ourselves to others. Our journey is our own.

Q: And never stop striving for more?

Jeffrey Kale Flagg: Yes! Always strive for personal betterment and perfection. Reach for that superhero status.

Jeffrey Kale Flagg graduated from Yale University with a degree in economics and political science. Soon after, Jeffrey Kale Flagg entered the business world, taking a path that led him from Wall Street to Reno, where he lives today.